June 2019, Issue #213    

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"What people resist the most about spiritual healing is changing their minds."

~ S. Kelley Harrell

The Tao of Now: Your Creative Wholiness

I'm reading The Heart of the Shaman by Alberto Villoldo, a former college professor who surrendered his "prestigious" position for a deeper truth: the path of the luminous warrior.

His shamanic initiation helped him transform our daydreams of security, permanence, and unconditional love, which keep us trapped in perpetual struggle, forever chasing the carrot.

Through a series of instructive stories illustrating his awakening journey, Villoldo teaches us how to tap into the creative power of the Universe to dream a new world into being.

His words recall those of one of my own great teachers, cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, who taught that when someone becomes dispirited in an indigenous society, a shamanic practitioner will ask:

  • When did you stop singing?
  • When did you stop dancing?
  • When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
  • When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?

    These are universal healing salves that help us re-member ourselves and restore our sense of wholeness/wholiness. Wherever we have stopped engaging in one of these four healing salves, we experience soul loss.

    For example: singing and storytelling have always been second nature to me, and, along the way, I've learned to first endure, and later to welcome, spending swaths of time in the silence.

    But dancing, er, not so much.

    Naming and Reclaiming Your Truth

    Last month, Dublin-based spiritual guide Isaac George revealed that he's originally and fundamentally an electric guitarist, which amazed me, since I initially experienced him as an intuitive astrologer. But that's not what his heart was longing to express.

    As he shares, "I was in a slump and feeling like I'd lost something vital to myself." A healer told him in no uncertain terms that he'd forfeited his dream, and needed to reclaim it.

    "Her words brought tears of longing to my eyes, and I remembered what a powerful force for self-expression and losing one's egocentric perception playing my guitar was for me." He began playing again, and offering his recording engineering and producer skills to healers and counselors.

    Now he affirms with delight, "I'm once again helping others to realize their creative and professional dreams to put their voice and vision out there through the medium of voice and sound, and on video."

    Pranic living pioneer Jasmuheen refers to this vibrating deeper into unity consciousness as "the naming and the claiming."

    Like the shamans with whom Villoldo apprenticed, the Light Beings that commune with Jasmuheen share, "You are calling a new way of being into revealing itself, a potential that has always existed within the baseline matrix of your world, a matrix that is now rising and becoming more dominant in response to the prayer and the calling from your individual and collective hearts.

    "The claiming also can be seen as hearing the heart call, for it is only when things are being claimed and called from the heart that they have that extra 'juice', you could say, to bring something into being. If the claiming and the naming remains in the mental plane only, obviously there is not as much juice as when we combine clarity in the claiming of good mental energy or what we call coding, and also the heart energy, where the heart and brain are operating in coherence. For it is only then that we have true power or a more effective movement for mass manifestation and matrix rising."

    It's easy to coast along in the collective dream/drama; more challenging to develop the spiritual backbone that allows us to walk our true path. We transmit our frequency regardless of whether we do or say anything, and this is the energy to which the Universe - which includes all of our 3D relationships - responds.

    What frequency are you emitting? Does it serve your highest joy, as well as those you came here to serve? Your creative wholiness beckons...

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    Shine On

  • Hidden Origins Tour: Suppressed info maverick Michael Tellinger will be in San Rafael, California on June 11, 2019 for a 3-hour deep dive into a convergence of science, spirituality, and consciousness. He'll connect the dots to make sense of the world we live in today, including how advanced ancient civilizations used sound and resonance as a source of energy - and how to create a sustainable world without money.

  • Giving, Receiving and Having for Yourself: Jim Self says, "In the fifth dimension, the experience is about 100% Giving to yourself and 100% in Service to others ... simultaneously. There is no 50/50, either/or, lack or duality." Join Jim's June 13th webinar to learn more.

  • New Earth Festival: The 2nd annual New Earth Festival takes place at the flagship New Earth Haven in Bali, June 19-25th. This international call to action combines ancient wisdom with future innovation to manifest the New Earth. Focusing on health sovereignty and planetary preservation, the event features a line-up of pioneering experts delivering radical solutions.

  • Your Body Is An Illusion: Eye opening 10-minute video by breakthrough biologist Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. Lipton says, "Language was designed to hide feelings."

  • Unity consciousness: People with a sense of unity experience greater life satisfaction, according to new research that speaks to embodying our creative wholiness.

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