October 2021, Issue #241    

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"Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

The Tao of Now: Pattern Recognition

You may be familiar with the Two Wolves parable, in which a wise elder advises a youth that the dominant wolf will be "the one I feed." The moral is to focus on what you want: love, joy, peace, compassion, empathy - and not on what you don't want.

However, a Twitter friend recently turned this supposed maxim on its ear: "The two wolves in me are not at war. In fact, they are lovers. The black wolf is powerful and reckless and howls at the moon. The white wolf is spiritual and kind and prefers bathing under the sun. They are polar opposites; therefore they are the perfect pair.

"I feed them both. I control them both."

Both Sides Now

I've been writing about the power of Möbius strips lately: the both/and woven within us and throughout existence in myriad guises.

The Star Elders through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in offer, "What you are going through collectively has nothing to do with what you think it is. There is an undercurrent flowing that is as old as humanity itself. It is a HUGE TEST where we are asked to let go of an ancient pattern that came from the great divide of the ONE just after the beginning of creation: ONE into light and dark. Even though both light and dark originated from the ONE creation, they were quickly identified as opposites.

"But in reality, there are no opposites in the ONE. And what humanity is experiencing now is the ONE actively working to return to the ONE, even if this is not apparent in the physical world.

"Once we face the illusion of separation, there is only UNITY. When we face the illusion of death, there is only everlasting LIFE. When we face fear, there is only LOVE. When we face our inner victim, the one who fears being controlled by uncountable illusions, you remember that you are the master of your existence."

Moving into this place has brought unimaginable fear frothing to the surface, prehistoric fear so deeply rooted in our collective psyche it's as much a part of us as a limb. And this is what needs to release, now.

The Choice Point of Our Age

Gillian Macbeth Louthan counsels, "The ancient texts have always insisted humanity was destined to 'become as gods.' According to legends, such beings are to return at the beginning and end of each time cycle. The truths written by the ancients imply that Earth was meant to evolve beyond its present form

"Particles of infinite light come forth from the center of the Milky Way. Within the very word 'center' lives the word 'enter'. To find the center of the universe you must first Enter You! Exist at a point of time that seems both probable and impossible. Exist in timetables of elements that force natural laws to bend... Hidden within all are truths that seek to be freed. Evolution is not a puddle but a creek that seeks to be a river. Fly beyond the boundaries of space and time. Create and enter portals of Choice.

"So many of Earth have chosen not to change, not to move forward, not to believe and not to trust, anything or anyone, even their own counsel. So many of Earth have given up, having not seen their absentee landowner. There is nothing to do but float during this time period. Choices cannot be seen clearly; the future is foggy from this point of view.

"It is up to each and every one to hold your Light, above the watermarks of life. Do not falter but continue walking forward, for there is an end and beginning to all storms."

Mercury Retrogrades ... As Pluto Goes Direct

Isaac George reminds us that the current apparent backtracking of our Hermetic messenger heralds an optimal moment for going/glowing within:

"Our etheric form and energy field inform and support our physicality, and in turn our bodies respond to every ripple, every vibration in the web of the mass consciousness we share with other people, and yes, all life forms and the Planet's consciousness as well. This can be exhausting at times.

"We are always at choice to say, 'I must stop now, I must have space to rest'. Resting is a revolutionary act these days. It is a silent but effective form of quiet rebellion against hustle culture. Taking the space we need to recoup, reassess, and re-create will never be as important as it is right now. In fact, we will very much need that refuge of a calm oasis of light, tranquility and peace over the next six-seven months."

Astrological Möbius: Pluto, which retrograded last March, turns direct on October 6th. Astrologer Sal Russo shares reassuring insights regarding the masterful illusions this underworld lord perpetuates.

The wolves at the door just want our love. And in giving this gift to ourselves, we offer one another, and our beloved Mama Gaia, everything.

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  2. Within the very word 'center' lives the word 'enter'. To find the center of the universe you must first Enter You!
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  3. The current Mercury retrograde heralds an optimal moment for going/glowing within.
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  4. We are always at choice to say, "I must stop now, I must have space to rest." Resting is a revolutionary act these days. It is a silent but effective form of quiet rebellion against hustle culture.
    http://www.liveyourlight.com/WhatShines.html by @LiveYourLight

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